Because we have yet to be cast in The Amazing Race, we decided to create our own.
Except it’s not a race. Just amazing.

We are the Yarbroughs. Jeremy and Riki, Micah, Payton, and Grayson.

In 2018 we became aware of the little time our family had left to be together… all together. In four short years, our oldest would graduate and we would begin the season when the numbers in our home would get smaller and the size of our house would feel bigger. Some of the goals we had hoped to explore together, and even the life that embodied what we valued most, seemed to be dreams we would have to resign.

But then, through countless conversations and much prayer, we made a decision to sojourn.

So together we decided to invest in making this dream a reality. We would plan to the extent of our skill and then hold loosely those plans as the Lord would direct us along the way. We have set out to visit each of the National Parks over three years, road-schooling, working, volunteering, learning, and exploring.

We welcome you to follow us on our sojourn as we share our experiences, what we learn, what we see, and how we grow.

sojourn  \ ˈsō-ˌjərn\  – to stay for a time in a place